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Bigger, better, and with more books

- your NEW Edinburgh Bookshop!

We are delighted to say the rumours are true! Your award-winning Edinburgh Bookshop will be moving to a new site in Bruntsfield this summer.
We will be taking over the long neglected Oddbins site and we need your help to turn this incredible space into a bigger and better bookshop for our community.
Moving to this site will allow us to do more of what you love us for:-We will stock a greater range of titles, gain a separate children’s room, have places to sit and read, and be able to hold most book events and book clubs in the heart of the shop.

Oddbins Exterior.jpg

How you can get involved


Restoring the building to its former glory is going to be a huge task and, unfortunately, costs more than we have saved in the Bookshop Piggy Bank! For this reason, we are launching a Crowdfunder campaign to help make this next chapter a reality.


Click here to see our Crowdfunder!


scan the QR code down below to go to the Crowdfunder.

The Plans
This is how the new Edinburgh Bookshop is expected to look!

Main shop Sketch.jpg

If anyone has specific questions they'd like to ask, do pop in to the shop and ask for Marie.

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