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Meet our team of booklovers...

Always happy to help and heavily powered by tea, biscuits, high fives and dog cuddles!

Marie for website.jpeg

the shop's owner, worked
for both James Thin and
the Edinburgh International Book Festival. She also used to sell beer but is now much happier with a pile of books and a cup of tea!


our children's specialist,
is always happy to offer help and advice to children and their grown-ups, from struggling readers to a good recommendation. Fiona also has a secret talent for bass playing!


is a graphic novel and
scifi connoisseur
with a
love of excoriating puns.
He is a firm believer in second breakfast, which fuels his super powers as
a book tidying ninja!

Liv for website 2..jpeg

our assistant manager, 
who was raised in a bookshop and is known for eating all the biscuits whilst event planning. She's also mastered the art of keeping up appearences at our adult's book club!

Steph for Website.jpeg

our Erasmus scholar who never left. A Parisienne
who prefers Edinburgh, she is a big fan of YA books and works hard to keep her cats away from her jigsaws and in the luxury they expect.

Miss Betty

the most unruly member of our bookshop team, and
like the rest of us is partial
to biscuits and tea (although she prefers her tea cold). She's also very keen on licking ears.

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