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CADEN ARMSTRONG - Truthfully, Yours

CADEN ARMSTRONG - Truthfully, Yours

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Rules are set in stone… but life is meant to be improvised.


Charlie did not think things could go this wrong… Yet here she is, in Scotland, thousands of miles away from home, after having publicly called out one of the actors of her favorite show for being ableist at a convention... and of course, it went viral. The one silver-lining? Her best friend signing her up for a work-stay program at an independent bookstore in Scotland, where she’ll be able to live in the owner’s apartment for the next three months. What Charlie does not realise is that she’s one good golf club swing away from chaos.


Enter Page, or Jamie Mahone, as the fans of StarVerse know him, the unfortunate co-star to the actor who started all this. Page did not for one second imagine that surprising his sister one night would lead to a good headache and a handful of trouble. Stuck in the same apartment, they must not only fight their immediate dislike of each other but also their attraction to one another. Their solution?


Flatmates rules!

1. The apartment stays clean, and we stay out of each other’s respective rooms.

2. If one of us feels uncomfortable, we need to tell each other.

3. Flatmates don’t fall for flatmates.


After all, Charlie is the show’s number one public enemy, and Page cherishes his privacy above anything else, so giving in to the rising attraction between them would be a bad idea… Right?

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