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SARA SHERIDAN - The Secrets of Blythswood Square

SARA SHERIDAN - The Secrets of Blythswood Square

SKU: 9781399701570

The enchanting new novel by the author of The Fair Botanists.


You wouldn't suspect it, but scandalous secrets are being kept on Blythswood Square...

1846. Glasgow is a city on the cusp of great social change, but behind the curtains, neighbours are watching, and rumours of improper behaviour spread like wildfire on the respectable Blythswood Square.


When Charlotte Nicholl discovers that the fortune she has been bequeathed by her father is tied up in a secret collection of erotic art, she is faced with a terrible dilemma: sell it and risk shaming her family's good name or lose her home. An encounter with Ellory McHale, a talented working-class photographer newly arrived in Glasgow, leads Charlotte to hope she has found not only someone who might help her, but also a friend.

Yet Ellory is hiding secrets of her own - secrets that become harder to conceal as she finds herself drawn into Charlotte's world. As the truth begins to catch up with both women, will it destroy everything they've fought to build - or set them both free?


Dripping with intrigue and luscious prose, this sumptuous novel shines a light on a Glasgow long past ... Sherdian's fine writing and expert characterisation just pull you in, so you can hear silk skirts swish and secret doors creak, as if you too are dwelling amongst the bustle of Blytheswood Square.

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