What's new at the The Edinburgh Bookshop?

Douglas Adams
The Hitchhiker's Guide
To The Galaxy

A gorgeous 42nd Anniversary gift edition of Douglas Adams's pop-culture classic, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,


Stunningly illustrated throughout by Costa Award-winner and former Children's Laureate, Chris Riddell.

Greg Buchanan
Sixteen Horses

A story of enduring guilt, trauma and punishment, set in a small seaside community the rest of the world has left behind . . .

 two investigators race to uncover the truth behind some frightening and insidious mysteries - no matter the cost.

David Melling
Ruffles and the Red, Red Coat

There are lots of things that Ruffles likes and lots of things he doesn't!

He LOVES scratching, digging and chewing but he does NOT like wearing his coat on rainy days...

Except for splashing in puddles!

Stephen Walker

The astonishing story of Yuri Gagairn - the first human to leave our planet and journey into space.

Drawing on extensive original research and the vivid testimonies of eyewitnesses, Stephen Walker unpacks secrets that were hidden for decades.

Melissa Harrison
By Oak, Ash and Thorn

Indie Book Of The Month

The perfect read for children for spring and summer! 


A breath-taking tale of the rich, wild world and all its wonder, and the search for a way to survive and thrive in a precious yet disappearing world.

Sunjeev Sahota
China Room

Indie Book Of The Month


The story of a young bride in rural 1929 Punjab and her sisters-in-law. Married to three brothers in a single ceremony, they spend their days hard at work in the family's 'china room', sequestered from contact with the men.