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What's new at the The Edinburgh Bookshop?

Vivian French
The Steam Whistle Theatre Company

The wonderful adventures of a family theatre-troupe, touring Victorian England by train - a high-octane, high-drama romp, with a colourful company of characters. Dark and deadly deeds, piratical plots, lost heiresses and poor little orphans - Vivian French conjures up the very spirit of Victorian theatre.

Sabina Radeva
Charles Darwin's On the Origin
of Species

Molecular biologist and illustrator Sabina Radeva unites her two passions to create the first ever picture-book retelling of Darwin's famous work. From the fight for survival to the great Tree of Life, this beautiful adaptation brings the theory of evolution to the younger generation.

Alan Trotter

Box and ___ are a pair of toughs in a hard-boiled city ripped straight from the pulps. They go where they’re told and break things when they get there. Only something bigger than either of them is looming… This blackly comic debut is ceaselessly imaginative, drunk on cinematic and literary influence.

P.M. Freestone
Shadowscent: The Darkest Bloom

In the empire of Aramtesh, scent has power. When disaster strikes and the crown prince lies poisoned, long-suppressed rivalries threaten to blow the empire apart. It's up to Rakel, a poor village girl with a talent for fragrances, and Ash, the prince's loyal bodyguard, to find an antidote.

Bill Bryson
Seeing Further

This beautiful, lavishly illustrated book tells the story of science and the Royal Society, from 1660 to the present. With contributions from Richard Dawkins, Margaret Atwood and many more, Seeing Further celebrates the past, present and future of one of the greatest scientific forces in history.

Jonny Muir
The Mountains are Calling

From its wild origins in the Highlands, hill running in Scotland remains as pure and traditional as sport gets. Jonny Muir explores the history and culture of this exhilarating sport, and meets the legends of hill running who are revered for their extraordinary endurance.