Bookshop outside Edinburgh Bookshop from inside

Just what is Mr. Smith chewing on?

Mr. Smith, our bookshop-dog, thinks children and books go together
like Green Eggs and Ham.
Nowadays, there is a dazzling breadth of
books to choose from to suit all reading ablities and interests. (Should you have a struggling or reluctant reader on your hands we are also happy to help with tips and titles that can make things much easier and enjoyable).
Shown below are just a few of Mr. Smith's current favourites...

The Umbrella / Ingrid & Dieter Schubert
The beautiful pictorial adventures of a Scottish Terrier flying across the world on an umbrella. Gorgeous!
When Grandad Was A Penguin / Morag Hood
A big mix up at the zoo leads to some very strange and peculiar behaviour from grandad! A brilliantly funny story.
Dave’s Rock / Fran Preston Gannon
Who have best rock of all? Cavemen getting ridiculously competitive in the follow up to the stylish & wry Dave’s Cave.

The Bolds
on Holiday / Julian Clary

The third
book in this hilarious series sees Teddington's hairiest family deciding to take a holiday by the seaside.
Podkin One-
Ear / Kieran Larwood

A Blue Peter Book Award Winner about a warrior rabbit fighting to save his warren from danger. Exciting & jolly good fun.
Ink / Alice Broadway
Imagine a world where your every deed is marked on your skin for all to see: would they recognise who your skin says you are?