Edinburgh Bookshop from outside Edinburgh Bookshop from inside

If 'Radio 4' was a bookshop, it would be like this...

Established in 2007, our emphasis is on unusual, intelligent and topical selections of titles to offer the customer a clever and refreshing choice.

Our bookshop has a regular programme of events from big name authors
as well as writer's workshops and story-time for the under 5's on Thursday and Friday mornings. We also offer a Children's Bookgroup and support for Adult Bookgroups.

Meet our booklovers, each of whom has several years of experience...

MARIE  the shops' owner, worked for both James Thin and the Edinburgh International Book Festival. She also used
to sell beer. Think of Bernard Ludwig Black, but a happy version!
CAT  our Children's Specialist, is able to
offer support and advice
to children who are struggling with their reading. Cat has so many degrees
that we’ve stopped counting.

KEIRA  has worked for both Blackwells & Borders bookshops and really knows her way around literary fiction. Keira’s other thing is hats, she loves a hat! OLIVIA  was born to be
a bookseller, spending much of her childhood helping her mother in her bookshop. Her other love is biscuits. She knows lots about both!